About Shannon and Your Jewelry

Meet the artist and designer behind the jewelry, Shannon Maureen Russell-Hinds. It's great to meet you!

My name is Shannon, and I am the person who designs and creates each piece of jewelry you see here. Handcrafted in my home art studio in Atlantic Beach, Florida, every finished piece is unique.

Just a mile from the ocean, I find my inspiration along the coast of Florida and trips to California. The blue and green hues of the ocean, the crashing waves, the organic shapes of puffy sea foam and bubbles in the water, the curves of floating driftwood, the gritty texture of sand speckled with sea glass and shells, the smoldering, smoky cool sunsets, and fiery, golden sunrises all influence my creations. I grew up along the Great Lakes of Michigan and have always had a love of the water. 

All naturally ocean-tumbled sea glass used in your jewelry is exactly as found on the beach. I work only with solid gold, and silver. Because the health of our environment also hinges on green practices in the studio, the majority of my metals are reclaimed and recycled. All gemstones are genuine and sometimes have interesting inclusions that add rich character and make them perfectly imperfect! All opals come direct from the miners and opal crafters of Australia. Stones are set by using a torch, soldering, and fine silver bezels to prevent tarnishing.

The protection of our oceans and all of the beauty contained within them is important to me. This is why a portion of every purchase is donated to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. A donation will be made, thanks in great part to you, at the end of each year in support of their dedicated work to preserve them. You deserve the best! You deserve high quality, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, beautiful jewelry that makes you look even more stunning on the outside, and feel beautiful on the inside -- Feel good jewelry! Breathe easy knowing that your pieces are inspired by nature, and protect it as well.

Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces will vary slightly from the photos. These variances allow each piece of your jewelry to be truly unique and never detract from the quality of work, or the intricacies of design. Every piece of Shannon Russell Jewelry® is truly only yours.

If you have any questions about me, my commitment to using only environmentally friendly and ethical practices, potential partnerships, your future treasures, or a special request for a custom piece, please message me through my contact page. As well, feel free to get to know me better and see some behind the scenes looks on my Instagram. Just click through the Instagram logo at the bottom of my webpages for a look at the processes I use, works in progress, and the only place where you will get a heads up on my one-of-a-kind-only pieces. You might just discover your next gorgeous bobble on my bench!

Happy Shopping!

~ Shannon