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Puddle Earrings in Coral Pink Tourmaline and 14K Gold

Puddle Earrings in Coral Pink Tourmaline and 14K Gold

Prix régulier $162.00 Solde

Do you remember splashing around in puddles at home or the beach as a kid? These Puddle Earrings will take you right back to your childhood. Each pair features coral pink tourmaline in a 14K yellow gold bezel, set in a concave puddle of solid sterling silver, and accented by a 14K gold ball. The mirroring effect of the silver makes the gold “move” around inside the puddle.

A sterling silver clutch over notched earring posts ensures that your earrings will stay securely in place, not fall inside your blouse, get stuck in your hair, or disappear into the otherwise deep, mysterious abyss. Can you feel the nostalgia yet?       


Measurements: Approximately 1/2” across with 5mm gemstones.